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Gone are the days, when there were only a few learning options available for students, but that is not the case today. Considering the fact that there are a plethora of platforms to choose from, both online as well as offline. We live in an era in which almost everything is available online and the same applies to learning your favourite subjects or something new. Nowadays, we don’t have to walk miles or cross canals like our grandparents to reach our school or college and leap endless physical barriers on the road to success.

Technology has made our lives fairly easier and it has also become an essential part of our life. One such invention that has made drastic changes in everyone’s life are mobile applications on our smartphones especially in the field of education. In this day and age, people from far off places don’t have to shift to big cities to get the right coaching for further studies or to prepare for competitive examinations. All these things can be done with just a click of a button or tap on your smartphones or laptop.

Moreover, If you are a student you just need to log in to your computer or open an e-learning app and start studying for your board exams, various olympiads and competitive exams, such as IIT JEE, NEET, NTSE and many more. In addition to that, you don’t just have an option to take live classes from a particular teacher there are numerous teachers that offer their guidance online, you just need to go with the one that you like the most.   

In this piece of writing, we will tell you about some of the most amazing and helpful edtech startups as well as e-learning apps that have transformed e-learning in India. All these e-learning platforms will not just help you learn the subject of your choice, but will also offer you a classroom like environment, which will make you feel like you are physically present in that place.

Google Classroom

First up on the list is Google Classroom because there is no one in this world who has not heard of Google. For the reason that, whenever we wish to know more about something, we just google that word or topic and get a better idea on it, which is why Google is the world’s most used search engine platform. Google Classroom is an e-learning programme that lets teachers create a classroom for live classes and multiple students can simply join that live video class through a shared code. Both teachers and students can start discussions and share study resources on this easy to use e-learning app.   

This e-learning app also has a few drawbacks like you cannot access it from your personal gmail account, which makes the whole process of sharing documents or other files with your colleagues fairly difficult. You can’t integrate it with google calendar. There are no automatic updates or notifications, the user needs to refresh the feed every time he/she would like to check if something new has come up or not.  If you are not the owner of a file, you cannot share it with your classmates.

Amazon Kindle

You might be thinking Amazon Kindle is an e-book reading device, well you are partially right. Even if it is an e-book reading device it doesn’t mean that it will only have fiction and non-fiction ebooks. On Amazon Kindle, you can also read plenty of magazines, education oriented e-books, digital media, newspapers etc. All these pros make it ideal for kids learning and for budding readers who wish to improve their reading skills on the go. Amazon Kindle App can also be downloaded free of cost on your smartphone.

There are a few disadvantages as well with both Amazon Kindle device and mobile application like researching further on a particular topic is fairly time consuming. All the pictures available on Kindle are black & white. Furthermore, you can’t share an ebook with your friends and family.      


Byju’s is a pretty popular and one of the most funded e-learning companies in India known for making learning a fun experience. It is an e-learning app that focuses mainly on adaptive learning and has an assortment of sample exam papers, mock tests, and engaging video tutorials. They also offer features like in-depth performance analysis with the help of which students can track their growth.

There are also some shortcomings with this popular e-learning app, one of the major one’s being the not so user friendly interface. To explain this in a better manner, let us say you have a 9 year old child for whom you have bought an online course on Byju’s, he/she will not be able to use this mobile application on their own because of the complexity of the app. Secondly, most of the live classes made available online come with a hefty price tag.


An e-learning app, which has recently gained a lot of popularity is EduAmp. This edtech startup offers a variety of courses on both their e-learning app as well as web version. EduAmp has a prolific team of highly experienced as well as qualified teachers from India and overseas, which is on an e-learning platform for the first time and all thes teachers have been educating students for decades now. EduAmp offers a holistic educational platform to students that consist of video lessons, live doubt session and live video tutorials coupled with online practicals, etc. all on the same platform that too at affordable prices that can be watched anytime.

This e-learning platform has been crafted to perfection by PhD holders from one of the best universities in the world, Lancaster University. They offer a diversity of online courses for students of almost all the age groups and are at present offering free of cost live video courses by skilled teachers because of covid-19 pandemic lockdown. So, if you have missed out on a particular topic in school or you are preparing for a competitive exam or olympiad on your own then this is the go-to-app for all your study needs.  

The only disadvantage with this e-learning app is that it doesn’t have a huge number of video tutorials online, at present, but it will soon be sorted looking at the amount of content they post on a regular basis.


Next up on the list is Udemy, chances are on the higher side that you might have heard about this e-learning company. Primarily, due to the reason that it is one of those e-learning apps that have the most number of video tutorials available online. Their collection of tutorials is fairly vast and consists of personal development lessons, live classes for professionals and technical courses for college students. Moreover, you can learn all these lessons at your own pace and ask questions from your peers and teachers, if you feel you are stuck at any point.

However, the user needs to pay a particular fee for almost all the courses available on this e-learning mobile application. And it also has loads of low quality training sessions made by teachers trying to make quick money. Most of their videos have promotional content like book selling or consulting services in between, which is irritating at times especially when you have paid for a course. 

On the whole, all these e-learning apps have raised the bar for e-learning in India in the last few years or so and will continue to keep on the good work looking at the current scenario. Thanks to edtech startups and e-learning apps, parents, teachers and students have become acquainted with virtual classrooms and live classes. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and go with an e-learning app on which you are able to find the best courses for your further studies and it doesn’t specifically need to be a famous e-learning company or brand.

Thanks for your time, we hope that you get the desired success in life.

Rohit Kumar

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Sourik Lokshmon

Fantastic app for learning. Nice video explanation, lecture, video sequence, topics covered. I am very glad using this app. It astonished me. I appreciate the whole team. Words are short to explain. Just mesmerizing and amazing. ❤? this app. Thank you Eduamp

Sourik Lokshmon

Nassar Ahamed

I loved it!! The app is very nice. It has creative animation techniques so that students can understand the chapters. We can also solve tests in that. I found it very helpful . We can learn from India’s top educators. Very nice!!

Nassar Ahamed