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Covid-19 is a global pandemic that has forced institutes all across the globe as well as India to start making most of online classrooms and avoid physical classes as much as possible. All this has happened because of the stringent government guidelines, so that most of the people stay unaffected and safe from this epidemic. Especially in India, the transition to live classes has been fairly smooth for almost all the private schools as well as universities and public institutions and it’s slowly and gradually catching the pace. On top of that, there also have been debates on the future of online studies, exams and the evaluation process. While most of the teachers are grappling with newer methods everyday when it comes to managing all their students on a single screen, students on the other hand, always try to stay online with the help of their mobile phone and computers.

Now, the major question arises, if the world has to function the same way for some more time then, will there be an impact on higher studies? What are some of the other bigger issues, which need to be taken care of that students might have to face in the near future? In the course of this unusual time when people from all across the world are homebound for months now, it’s high time that things have to be done differently and all of us need to start living with this new normal. If you are a student who is preparing for a competitive examination, staying completely focused on your studies might seem to be fairly difficult right now.

Considering the fact that, previously you and your friends had the option of taking a break from your hectic study schedule once in a while and relax by visiting your favorite restaurant or playing your favorite sport or game out in the open, sadly that is not the case these days. In addition to that, adjusting yourself to the new normal of staying at home all the time is the only option for a better and safer future. No one in this world would have thought that the worldwide spread of Covid-19 will put all of us at halt, because before corona virus everyone was focusing on their respective long term goals by putting more than 100% of their efforts.

5 Tips on Studying from Home during COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

To make the entire transition process a lot more convenient for you, we have narrowed down some tips and tricks with the help of which you can make the most of your Covid-19 study plan during lockdown.

Select a Dedicated Study Space           

First and foremost, it is pretty important to decide as well as set-up a particular space only for studying. It needs to be a quiet space; so that you can concentrate on the subject you are studying and focus on what needs to be done next to get the desired success in life. If you are not able to find a dedicated space, then try making use of headphones to increase concentration. 

Make a Daily Schedule

Planning your day the right way is of utmost significance to achieve your goals on time and keep on going in the right direction on a regular basis.  You can make a study time schedule and set reminders for taking breaks to relax as well as eat food in between studies. It is highly recommended to set an alarm for every activity, so that you can focus on your studies and keep a track of your educational growth.            

Eliminate Distractions

Getting distracted in between studying is pretty normal and it happens with everyone. However, it is crucial to lessen the number of distractions to increase your concentration. First of all, inform your friends and family that you will need at least 4-5 hours of uninterrupted time, if possible. You can also try not to engage in an unwanted conversation with your inner circle to save your time and dedicate it only to studying. Don’t keep your mobile phone on your side and try to place it somewhere far or in another room. Only use the internet on your computer or if you are using your Smartphone mute notifications from unnecessary applications.     

Consider Signing Up on an E-Learning Platform

E-learning platforms are the new trend these days because of the reason that they offer online live classes and video tutorials to students of all sorts from highly experienced and qualified teachers. Wherein you can not only learn about the desired subjects, but you can also share study tips and indulge in a discussion on a specific topic online with fellow students and teachers of your choice. It is suggested to go with a trusted e-learning platform like EduAmp, because of the brilliantly skilled bunch of teachers and counselors available on this easy to use e-learning app.

In addition to that, you will find loads of online as well offline study materials and video tutorials on EduAmp that can be watched anytime from the ease of your home. EduAmp follows a holistic educational approach, which enables students to personalize their e-learning experience, attend live tutorials and doubt sessions and get access to 50+ mock tests. Don’t wait, sign up now and take advantage of free live video classes amid covid-19 lockdown.

Do Test the Water

It might sound a bit weird, but evaluating yourself from time to time can be a great idea to know what needs to be done in future to reach the knowledge level you always wanted to. To make all this happen, you just need to take an online mock test and get a taste of where actually you stand. 

Now, will be a great time for you to indulge in taking online tests and know where you stand. You will not get a second chance like this where you can create a suitable environment to take tests and make the best out of the analysis provided at the end of the online test series. Lockdown has given all the students a golden chance to dive deep into the plethora of topic-wise online tests and slowly but surely move on to the real examination.  

We hope that all the above mentioned tips and tricks will help you make the most of the lockdown going on in your respective countries. Furthermore, if we have missed out on something, do let us know in the comments section below, so that we can help you with more detailed information in the future. Last but not the least, all of us are living in unprecedented times in which each one of us needs to take out of the box measures to stay on track and go in the direction with regards to our educational goals and preparations.

Best of Luck!

Rohit Kumar

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Sourik Lokshmon

Fantastic app for learning. Nice video explanation, lecture, video sequence, topics covered. I am very glad using this app. It astonished me. I appreciate the whole team. Words are short to explain. Just mesmerizing and amazing. ❤? this app. Thank you Eduamp

Sourik Lokshmon

Nassar Ahamed

I loved it!! The app is very nice. It has creative animation techniques so that students can understand the chapters. We can also solve tests in that. I found it very helpful . We can learn from India’s top educators. Very nice!!

Nassar Ahamed