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Most of the people across the globe are worried and talking about the economic slowdown that has hit the world because of covid-19 pandemic. And the reasons behind this decline in economic activity are mainly downfall in the availability of labourers, lesser cash flow and financial crunches amongst an increasing need for essential products and services because of nationwide lockdown. However, there are a number of industries and startups in India, which are growing at a rapid rate. In addition to that multiple startups have also joined hands to fight against the problems associated with covid-19 pandemic by focusing primarily on grocery items, health & safety as well as other preventive measures that lend a help in controlling the extensive spread of this worldwide pandemic.

All these innovative new startups are leading the world by example, simply by focusing mainly on the overall growth of their business and not just on the profitability of the venture. Different industries in the world have been affected differently by this global pandemic and have to adapt in accordance to that pretty quickly. There are a number of organizations that have managed to find innovative ways or hacks to humanitarian issues with a limited number of resources. Some of the major businesses and industries, which are surely going to flourish during this lockdown or perhaps this financial year are e-commerce, healthcare, logistics, digital payment companies, OTT platforms, robotics, banking and insurance, personal hygiene product manufacturers and last but not the least, e-learning industry.

Here is a list of some of the best startups in India, which have changed the way they used to work in the last few months or so and have reached new heights in terms of growth, customers and financial stability.

5 Best Startups in India, which have made a mark amid Covid-19 Lockdown


First up on the list is an e-learning startup in India, which has rocked the online education industry with its holistic approach towards providing quality education for almost all kinds of students in India and the United Kingdom. In addition to that during the covid-19 lockdown users don’t have to pay even a single penny to use their e-learning application as well as the web version. They have multiplied their customer base in the last few months because of the expert guidance provided by their team of highly skilled and experienced teachers. If you are a budding student who would like to take part in live video classes and doubt sessions then this is the e-learning application, you need to install on your mobile phone right away.


One more company that has managed to grow irrespective of difficult times is Khabri. Khabri is one of the fastest growing online digital audio platforms focusing primarily on offering quality content in a plethora of regional languages targeting users from mainly rural India and tier-2 cities. They are one of their kind when it comes to offering pure play audio services in India. They mainly air content with the help of private radio channels in areas where there is lack of legal permit for new broadcasting. In the addition to that, in the present scenario in which most of the organizations are cutting their costs by firing employees, Khabri is motivating its employees to brush up their skills through various skill improvement courses.         


Healthcare industry is booming like never before in the current situation of global crises. UbCared is a healthcare platform with a vision to help patients all across the world become a better patient. Considering the fact that, if a patient is completely aware of what needs to be done and how he/she can get well soon they will be able to save a good amount of time as well as money in the longer run. They wish to achieve this goal by general triaging of patients and by enlightening patients through relatable health blogs and articles, which can educate the patient about their disease and help them in cutting the treatment time, so that they can get back to their normal life as soon as possible.

All this information or you can say awareness helps the patient in asking certain questions from their doctor, booking an appointment and deciding on whether or not they should go for a second opinion. With the help of UbCared, you can also clear your doubts by asking questions on their discussion group that has both patients and skilled doctors from different parts of the world. 

Ludo King         

Ludo King is a game or name, I am sure you have heard before as well because amid the lockdown in almost all the corners of the world, one mobile gaming application that has gained immense popularity and has united family and friends is Ludo King. All this has happened because of the easy to use customer friendly interface of this game with the help of which you can play the game of ludo with anyone in the world irrespective of their geographical location. The game offers multiple playing modes both online as well as offline and is ranked number one in the best free games section on most of the mobile application download stores, such as Google Play Store  and Apple App Store with more than 100 million downloads.


Another name, which has been a great success story particularly in the healthcare business is Nanoclean. The organization made headlines by making reasonably priced masks ever since the start of the covid-19 pandemic and most of their team members are living in a warehouse ever since then because of the increasing demand of masks all across the nation. The founding members of the company are providing all basic amenities to their staff members accompanied by bonuses and extra allowances, so that they can take financial care of their near and dear ones in these tough times. They primarily supply essential goods, which is why they have not shut operations, but managing the business has been difficult in these tough times, because they are manufacturing and shipping up to 50,000 masks everyday. 

All these success stories of startups in India prove why it is never late to start working on your dreams to achieve the desired success in life.  

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